Snapshot: Twitter Character Count


What you need to know
To be relevant:

  • Twitter is simplifying what counts toward its 140 character tweet limit. The rollout (effective Sept. 19) includes the following features for organic tweets only (not promoted-only tweets):
    • Media Attachments: Natively added attachments will no longer count as characters within a tweet. This includes:
    • Quote Tweets
    • A poll with up to four answers
    • One GIF
    • Video up to two minutes 20 seconds long
    • Up to four photos
  • Any link that is pasted or typed into the compose box (such as article links and other URLs) will still count as ~24 characters.
  • Any Twitter Cards (I.e.: Website Cards) or media attachment on Twitter Ads will still count as 24 characters.

What you need to know
To be impactful:

  • The changes are intended to make tweets easier and more efficient for users, presumably to help grow the platform beyond its current 313M-person active base.
  • Twitter is making it clear that the changes will only streamline users’ experience with the platform, not overhaul the platform’s identity. Twitter will continue to be the place for short, speedy content, live commentary and conversation
  • Twitter plans to build this functionality into Twitter Ads ( after the consumer launch.
  • Paid Advertisers can only take advantage of this update by sponsoring Tweets created organically via, so native attachments (images, videos, GIFs, polls) are not included in the 140 character count.