Snapshot: Twitter Quality Filter


Twitter has reportedly been creating a functionality for users to filter specific words and hashtags on their timeline.

What you need to know
To be relevant:

  • According to Bloomberg, the reported change will give users the power to block certain offensive words and slurs from their timeline and mentions.
  • Hate speech has been a reoccurring problem on the platform. Most recently, actress Leslie Jones, faced a barrage of racist and sexist attacks.
  • Previously, only verified accounts had the ability to strain threats, offensive and abusive language with the newly minted “quality filter feature.”
  • This upcoming feature is the most control the company has ever given its users in the fight against harassment. With it, everyone will have the ability to limit notifications to only people they follow and have access to the “quality filter.”

What you need to know
To be impactful:

  • CEO Dorsey has made it clear that tool will not prevent open conversation. This function will in no way limit what is put on the platform but will personalize what you see during your experience.
  • The quality feature filters lower-quality content, like duplicate Tweets or content that appears to be automated, from notifications and other parts of the Twitter experience.
  • Due to this, tweets that may appear to be automated (for example, an article that is shared vastly) may not be viewable to those with the filter on.
  • If the feature evolves to become a general moderation tool, giving users the power to block out entire hashtags, it may reduce the overall reach of content.